Launch of Product Transfer Industrial Gases brochure

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Launch of Product Transfer Industrial Gases brochure

KLAW Industrial Gases Application brochureKLAW Industrial Gases Application brochure

KLAW offers a range of breakaway couplings designed to minimise the risk of Industrial Gas spillage.

This range is now summarised with the launch of the KLAW Industrial Gases Application brochure.

The 8-page brochure includes illustrations and explanations of how KLAW breakaway couplings minimise risk in product transfer applications such as Tanker, Railcar and Refuelling Stations. The benefits of the KLAW K1 Industrial Coupling, the KLAW K2C Cryogenic Industrial Coupling and the KLAW Emergency Release Coupling (ERC) are discussed along with a summary of typical media applications.

For further information call KLAW on
+44 1373 827 100.