Type LF Swivel Joint

Swivel Joint for Hygienic transfer applications

Swivel Joint for food and pharmaceutical

Type LF Swivel Joint
weld connection

Typical media: The KLAW Swivel Joint Type LF for Food and Pharmaceutical applications. Ideal for hygienic conditions and the transfer of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical media.



Ball race: 1


Perfect concentric run-out and easy handling.

Swivel Joint Type LF specification

Nominal diameter DN25 / 1″ up to DN200 / 8″
Working pressure 10 bar / 145psi *
Working temp. -55°C up to 250°C / -67°F up to 482°F *
Material 1.4571
Gasket material FDA conform
Ball material Stainless steel
Connections Welding
Style 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, 22, 30, 31
Application Food and pharmaceuticals
* Pmax and Tmax may not occur at the same time

Standards and certifications

Conforms to FDA US Food and Drug Administration