Type FP Swivel Joint

Swivel Joint for Hygienic transfer applications

Hygienic application Swivel Joint
Type FP Swivel Joint
weld connection

Typical media: The KLAW Swivel Joint Type FP for Food and Pharmaceutical applications. This means the Swivel Joint is ideal for hygienic conditions and the transfer of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical media.



Ball race: 2


Perfect concentric run-out and easy handling.

Swivel Joint Type FP specification

Nominal diameter DN25 / 1″ up to DN200 / 8″
Working pressure 10 bar / 145psi *
Working temp. -55°C up to 250°C / -67°F up to 482°F *
Material 1.4571
Gasket material FDA conform
Ball material Stainless steel
Connections Welding (Welding flange)
Style 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, 22, 30, 31
Application Food and pharmaceuticals
* Pmax and Tmax may not occur at the same time

Standards and certifications

Conforms to FDA US Food and Drug Administration