Swivel Joint Application Examples


Hose reel swivels swivel

Hose reel swivel from KLAW. A key advantage of having Swivel Joints fitted to a hose assembly is the reduction in wear and fatigue. Twisting moments within connection procedures are mitigated by the Swivel Joint. This prolongs the life of the hose system and reduces the level of maintenance required for the system.

Close up of Hose Reel Swivel

Hose Swivel close-up demonstrating a KLAW swivel joint on a hose reel assembly. Regular twisting moments as part of the reel procedure requires Swivel Joints that are designed to sustain consistent movement with low maintenance requirements. KLAW Swivel Joints are designed specifically for operations such as this.

Hose Swivel

Shown is a close-up of a KLAW Swivel Joint and a connected hose assembly. Another characteristic of an efficient Swivel Joint design is the ability to sustain the flow and abrasion of media without compromising the transfer system or the ability of the Swivel to perform. KLAW Swivel Joints are designed and produced using case materials and seals that protect the transfer system from downtime.

Images courtesy of Dunlop Oil and Marine.