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Swivel Joints for Hose and Rigid Articulated Piping systems

Swivel Joints advantages
Swivel Joint typical applications
The KLAW Swivel Joint range
Advice on specification and installation

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KLAW is a leading supplier of Swivel Joints and the natural resource for specification advice and information on Hose Swivel and Rigid Articulated Piping System applications and technology.

Swivel Joints advantages

Swivel Joints from KLAW reduce fatigue and stress on the hose and transfer systems and improve the efficiency of movement. KLAW Swivel Joints are designed to sustain repeated twisting moments and to accommodate any swivel action. These Swivel Joints can be utilized either within rigid articulated piping or inflexible hose systems.

Swivel Joint typical applications

Swivel Joints from KLAW are used when movable piping systems are required for the transfer of liquid or gaseous media. A diverse range of media, temperature and pressure can be accommodated. They are used in the following industries: chemical (including corrosive and hazardous chemicals), petrochemical, steel and iron, food, pharmaceutical, paper and wood, wastewater treatment plants and water treatment, offshore, dredger and crane, general and special engineering.

The KLAW Swivel Joint range

The range has been designed to meet most applications and specifications. KLAW also has the resources to develop Swivels that meet special requirements. A comprehensive choice of construction materials is available. KLAW also supply pre-finished Swivel Joint systems.

Swivel Joint Sizes

The swivel size range is from DN8 ¼” DN1000 40″.

Swivel end connections

The range includes the following end connection types: welded, flange, threaded male, threaded female, weld neck flange, flat face flange, butt weld, butt weld flange and hammer union. Other end connection options are available on request.


The range is available in eight style categories. Each style has three end connector options: welded, flange and threaded.

Housing material

Swivel Joint housing material will vary according to model type and application. KLAW Swivel housing materials can be summarised as: stainless steel, carbon steel, Super Austenitic Stainless Steel, aluminium, Duplex, Super Duplex, Medium carbon steel and non-standard materials according to specification.


Joints can be combined into eight configurations. The system can be swivelled by 360 degrees in one, two and three planes.

Swivel seals

The seals used in KLAW Swivels will vary according to model type and application. All have been thoroughly tested and meet industry standards. Seal types include Viton, Nitrile, NBR, EPDM, HPU, PTFE and Graphite. Special compound seals and non-standard seals are also available.

Turning torque

The amount of torque required in order for the unit to swivel will depend on the Swivel Joint model type and the specification. Additional characteristics within the transfer system such as additional joints and twisting moment tolerances will also influence the specification.

Load bearing capabilities

Swivel Joint bearing load capabilities will depend on the particular transfer system and application. Detailed advice can be provided by the KLAW team.


The weight will depend on the model and specification but would have been designed for the expected transfer system and application. Details are available from the KLAW team.

Advice on specification and installation

Contact us on +44 1373 827100 with your specific requirements or for advice.