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Quick connect flanges

Reduce transfer time and save money
with this new standard in ship terminal transfer efficiency

klaw camlock

50 times quicker than traditional flange connections

Delivering faster turnaround of vessels

The KLAW quick connect Flange Lock is up to 50 times faster than traditional flange connections and is ideal for ship terminals wanting cost efficient and safe transfer solutions. Vessels could spend less time at berth and that means more ships off-loaded each week – delivering higher profits.
klaw camlock

No nuts and bolts or spanners to handle or lose

The KLAW Flange Lock is self-contained and has no need for fussy nuts and bolts or spanners that can easily be lost and delay transfers – a steel bar or Flange Lock locking wrench is the only tool needed to lock or release the cam.

Simply twist and start the transfer

A simple twist and the fully sealed Ratchet Cams are locked and ready for transfer. No more waiting around for numerous nuts and bolts to be fastened.

Captive seal means increased safety

No more trapped fingers or crushed hands due to elimination of the need to fit awkward gaskets.

Based on over 30 years of field experience and proven technology

The KLAW Flange Lock is proven in the field to deliver efficiency and reliability.


Ideal for hose transfer systems or loading arms located at ship terminals.


All types of Liquids and Gases.


2″ to 24″


A wide range of flange styles are accommodated.

  • ANSI
  • PN
  • DIN
  • And many more.


Non-pressure retaining Blank Flanges and Lifting lugs also available.


Call the KLAW technical support team for full specification and application details.