Ambient Emergency Release Couplings

Ambient Emergency Release Couplings

klaw Ambient Emergency Release Couplings (ERC)

This range of KLAW ERCs is designed for ambient temperature media transfer.

Instantaneous Closure

Instant closure of the KLAW Flip-Flap Valves delivers the crucial advantage of minimal spillage when activated.

Reduced stress on hoses or loading systems

The release mechanism is designed to limit stress on hoses, loading arm systems, fixed piping and other connections such as flange joints.

Compact and lightweight

The light weight and compact designs of KLAW ERCs are important for handling, post-activation control, maintenance and the enabling of a balanced system. This also allows KLAW ERCs to be retrofitted to any existing installation without major modifications to current structures.

Easy to fit

Designed to easily fit existing Loading Arms (re-balance may be required) and fixed pipe systems.

Multiple end connection options are available which means couplings can be bolted, threaded or welded into position.

Available in a range of control options designed to precisely meet your application and operational requirements.

Release options available

Dual Release
Spring retained

Typical media applications

LPG, Fuels (Diesel, Gasoline, Jet-A1, MGO), Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Hydrocarbons, Crude Oil.

Typical operational applications

Loading Arms – top and bottom loading
Hose Assemblies – Rubber, Composite, Metallic
Truck Loading Arms
Ship-to-Ship transfer
Ship-to-Shore transfer
Ship Terminals

Typical Media

Hazardous media
Non-hazardous media

Key features

  • Easily retro-fitted to Loading Arm or fixed piping installations.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • No risk of Partial Break
  • Proven KLAW Flip-Flap technology
  • 100% Double Closure
  • Minimum head-loss delivering efficient flow rates
  • Resistant to vibration
  • Bump ring for added fall-way protection.
  • Robust design and construction
  • Collar release design applies no tensile load on the transfer system
  • Cable Release control option delivers control over the release of the coupling
  • Hydraulic Control option provides independent manual override control
  • Dual Control option provides the benefits of both cable and hydraulic release
  • Resistant to pressure spikes
  • Calibrated breaking load tolerances
  • Machined finish for added corrosion resistance
  • Available with Reset Facility for ease of maintenance
  • Supplied with Installation and Maintenance Manual for ease of use.

HPU system option can control up to 10 ERCs

Technical specifications


KLAW Emergency Release Systems are available from 1″ to 10″.

Media transfer temperatures

The KLAW ERC is also suited to Elevated product temperatures (+275°C 527°F).

A range of Cryogenic Emergency Release Couplings is also available for operating temperatures to -196°C (-320°F).

Flow rates

This range has been designed to offer optimum flow rate while maintaining 100% closure.

KLAW has also developed additional high-performance couplings that provide additional flow rate capacities occasionally required in specific ship loading and unloading applications.

Material options

Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel

End Connection options

Flanged – ANSI, PN, JIS flange standards
NPT Threaded Male
NPT Threaded Female
BSPP Tapered or Parallel
Weld Prepared Ends – e.g. Schedule 40

Contact the KLAW development team regarding flow and pressure requirements for you application.