Dry Disconnect Couplings

Dry Disconnect Couplings

Dry Break benefits of the KLAW QS
QS Dry Disconnect coupling safety locking pin
Typical applications
Selectivity options
Technical advice
Dry Break Coupler QS application photos

Dry Break Coupling and Tank Adaptor QS range
quickly connect and disconnects transfer lines with no spillage.

Conforms to STANAG 3756.

ABS Type Approved

Dry Disconnect Couplings are also referred to as Dry Break Couplings or Dry Break Couplers. The KLAW QS Range offers the latest in robust and efficient Dry Disconnect Coupling design.

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No spillage on connection and disconnection

The KLAW Dry Disconnect automatic valve open and closure design means there is no spillage on connection or disconnection. This prevents costly clean-up costs.

Time and operating cost savings

The QS features an easy grip and turn action in both Round and Twin Square handle options. This improves safety and time efficiency.

QS Dry Disconnect Couplings are much faster than other connection methods such as bolt up flanges. No draining of hoses or loading/unloading systems is required – saving on labour and time.

Watch the test video below to see how robust the QS is! 

QS handle drop test by independent third party – January 2019

QS Dry Disconnect Couplings: the quick, safe and no spill solution

The market leader in the Marine and Industrial transfer industries is applying its high and exacting standards to this range of Dry Disconnect Couplings.

The robust design and the materials used in the manufacture of QS Dry Disconnect Couplings is more than a match for demanding operating conditions and the rigours of marine and industrial environments.

KLAW dry disconnect coupling tank adapter flange KLAW Dry Disconnect coupling tank adapter KLAW Dry Disconnect 2 inch aluminium tank unit

Dry Break benefits of the KLAW QS

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1 Ergonomic single action operation for both the Square and Round handle QS options is designed for the rigours of repeated time pressure industrial applications and the challenges of offshore environments.
2 Automatic Turn and Lock mechanism ensures the connection is secure and safe.
3 Bump ring to guide and protect.
4 Selectivity system protects against cross-contamination and is fully compatible with existing systems.
5 Built-in swivel within the QS Dry Disconnect coupling removes hose twist and tension on the hose. This reduces fatigue on the hose or loading arm and means the connection process is much easier for the operator.
6 Designed and manufactured to industry standards.
7 QS Locking Pin is fitted as standard for sizes 2”, 3” and 4”. This safety feature is an additional safety benefit in demanding and fast operating conditions.
8 Completely interchangeable with other manufacturers and existing systems.
9 Automatic valve opening and closure delivers non-spill efficiency; reducing the risk of accidents and avoiding operating clean-up costs.

QS Dry Disconnect coupling safety locking pin

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The QS safety locking pin provides additional safety over other Dry Disconnect Coupling options. Its safety lock pin prevents accidental disconnection.

The locking pin is fitted as standard on the following sizes: 1 ½” DN40; 2” DN50; 3” DN80; 4” DN100 and is also available as an option for size DN150; 6″.

Industry standard and compatible with other systems

The KLAW Dry Disconnect Coupling Range is completely interchangeable with other manufacturers.

The KLAW Dry Disconnect Coupling Range is fully compliant to NATO/STANAG 3756.

Multiple seal options

Multiple seal options are available to suit all types of liquids and gases.

Typical applications

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Industry applications


Transfer applications

The QS Range is equally suitable for transfer hose and loading arm applications.

Ship-to-Ship transfer (Bunkering)
Ship-to-Shore transfer (PSVs)
Ship-to-Rig Transfer
Marine refuelling
Bulk loading and unloading of Road Tankers, Rail Cars, and Ship Terminals.

Media applications

Petroleum: Gasoline, Diesel, Oil, Liquid Mud.
Chemical: Butadiene, Ammonia, Ethylene Oxide, Propylene Oxide, Acrylonitrile, Toluene, Xylene, Vinyl Chloride, Phenol.
Dry Powders: for 2” and above.
Other: contact the KLAW Technical Team:
Tel: +44 1373 827100. Email: klaw@trelleborg.com


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QS Dry Disconnect Couplings are completely interchangeable with other connections such as those provided by Mann-Tek, TODO, Avery Hardoll and other companies whose couplings conform to STANAG 3756.




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The KLAW QS Dry Disconnect range is available in the following sizes:

1” DN25; 2” DN50; 2 ½” DN65; 3” DN80; 4” DN100; 6” DN150.

Material options

The KLAW QS Dry Disconnect range is available across all sizes in the following materials:

Stainless Steel

Technical summary

End connection threads and flanges are available for both hose and tank units.

BSP / NPT Threads / DIN ASA /TW /TTMA flanges. Other threads and flanges are available on request.


FKM (Viton*), NBR (Nitrile), Chemraz**, Kalrez*
Other seals available on request.

* Viton and Kalrez are registered trademarks of Dupont Performance Elastomers.
** Chemraz is a registered trademark of Green-Tweed.

Maximum working pressures

PN10 – PN25.

Safety factor


Selectivity options

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The hazard of cross-contamination is caused by the risk of incorrect hose to tanker connection during product transfer. The KLAW QS selectivity feature removes this risk and protects against human or procedure error.

The KLAW selectivity range is industry standard and is therefore completely compatible with current systems.

Selectivity option and specification is determined at the time of ordering.

Product Guide brochure

A comprehensive Product Guide brochure with in-depth technical and performance data is available from the KLAW technical team.
Tel: +44 1373 827100. Email: klaw@trelleborg.com

Technical advice

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To ensure the correct products are chosen for your applications, we advise that you contact the KLAW technical team for advice or confirmation before deciding on any specifications.
Tel: +44 1373 827100. Email: klaw@trelleborg.com

Dry Break Coupler QS application photos

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QS on marine offshore hose

QS Dry Break Coupler connected to the marine offshore hose.

QS natural gas fracking feed pump

Connected between fracking natural gas feed pumps.

QS air supply offshore rig platform

QS Dry Break Coupler fitted to a lifeboat air supply on offshore rig platform.

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