Non-Closure Breakaway Couplings

Non-Closure Breakaway Couplings

Technical Specification (Non-Closure)

non closure breakaway couplingAvailable in both Industrial and Marine versions, these KLAW Couplings can be installed between a flexible hose string or fixed to a rigid point. 







Non-Closure Couplings are specifically designed to incorporate an identifiable safe parting point within the transfer system.

KLAW recommends this type of coupling only where the medium (product) in non-hazardous and media spillage is acceptable.

Is the coupling hygienic?

As is standard for the industry, this coupling, although clean for service, are not specifically hygienic.

KLAW is able to offer hygienic polished couplings complete with no “Bug Traps” to ensure they comply with industry standards set down by the FDA.

These hygienic couplings have seen recent increase in demand within the agricultural market where the media is not hazardous but the equipment is a valuable asset to protect.

When will the coupling activate?

KLAW has both Industrial and Marine models to ensure a required activation can be achieved in accordance with the users desired operating conditions.

Activation with KLAW Industrial Non-Closure couplings is generated through the Axial force being applied, where as with the KLAW Marine Non-Closure couplings activation is generated through a linear pull.

Alternatively, activation will occur through a flow pressure surge beyond the predetermined breaking force.

Further Information

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Technical Specification (Non-Closure)

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Materials of Construction

Standard coupling housings are Stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium.
Other materials are available on request.
Couplings are offered subject to customers approval and acceptance of specification.

Standard nominal bores available:
1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″

Pressure Ratings
Standard range design pressures 1″ to 4″ = 40 BAR (580 PSI)
Standard range design pressure 5″ = 27 BAR (391 PSI)
Standard range design pressure 6″ = 23 BAR (333 PSI)
Standard range design pressure 8″ = 17 BAR (246 PSI)
Standard range design pressure 10″ = 14 BAR (203 PSI)
Standard range design pressure 12″ = 10 BAR (145 PSI)

End Connections

NPT Threaded Male or Female
BSP Threaded Tapered or Parallel
Flanged Connections (ANSI 150/PN16 ANSI 300/PN40)
Weld prepared ends (Schedule 40)
Hammer Union fittings (Fig 100)
Other End Connection configurations are also available on request

Breaking Loads
Coupling break-loads can be varied to suit any particular application.