Full Bore Marine Breakaway Couplings

The full bore zero headloss Breakaway Coupling

Typical applications
Typical media
Fully pigable
100% shut off
No clogging or abrasion
Connection options


Full bore breakaway coupling

The KLAWZERO Full Bore is the only Breakaway Coupling of its kind in the world that provides double valve 100% instantaneous shut-off and is suitable for viscous, abrasive or hazardous media transfers.

The KLAWZERO Full Bore provides an identified and safe parting point within the transfer system and is specially designed for the demands of viscous, abrasive and hazardous media transfer operations.

Minimizing risk of injury, clean-up costs and damage to assets and reputations.

In an emergency, the valves close and the coupling then separates – providing downstream and upstream flow shut-off.

Click the video to see an introduction to KLAWZERO.

Typical applications

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  • Extended Well Flow Testing
  • Drilling Waste Management operations
  • Flowback operations
  • Cutting fluid operations
  • Containment operations
  • Viscous and abrasive media transfer
  • Dry powder transfer
  • Shuttle tankers for Crude Oil
  • Offshore transfer operations
  • Hazardous media transfer

Typical media

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Ideal for viscous materials.

  • Well test materials
  • Waste flow from drilling activities
  • Cement
  • Bitumen
  • Mud
  • Waste products
  • Sulphuric Acid

No line restriction means faster flow and reduced transfer time.

This unique Full Bore design offers full unrestricted media transfer.

Fully pigable

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The KLAWZERO Breakaway Coupling offers the benefit of being able to “pig” the transfer line without removal from service.

piggable full bore coupling300

Shown: Illustration demonstrating how cleaning can be done without the need to remove the KLAWZERO Breakaway coupling from the line.

100% shut off

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Provides instantaneous 100% double shut off when a predetermined tensile load is applied.

No clogging or abrasion

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All working mechanisms are completely isolated from media flow until activation. Clogging or abrasion from the media is therefore eliminated.

Sequential closure of the KLAWZERO Full Bore

1. The Full Bore Coupling is in its in-line operation state.

full bore coupling in flow

2. The unit is activated and the valve closing sequence begins.

full bore coupling activating

3. As the internal sleeve extends, this allows the valves to close.

full bore coupling separating

4. The sleeve separates and the activation is complete.

full bore coupling separated

Conceptual illustrations only. Contact KLAW for technical representations.


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Connection options

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Threaded, flange and hammer unions.

Full bore breakaway coupling threaded Full bore breakaway coupling flanged Full bore breakaway coupling hammer union

Shown: Examples of KLAWZERO Full Bore Breakaway Coupling connections. For additional connection options contact the KLAW Engineering team on +44 1373 827100

Contact the KLAW Team

For additional applications or specifications please contact the KLAW team on:
Telephone: +44 1373 827100 or email: klaw@trelleborg.com