Cryogenic Emergency Release Couplings

Cryogenic Emergency Release Coupling Shown: KLAW cryogenic ERCs in frozen loading rack A wide range of Emergency Release Couplings for Cryogenic Applications: suitable for operating temperatures to -196°C (-320°F). Ensuring 100% closure: even in the most demanding of operating conditions. The KLAW ERC uses a Collar Release mechanism. Sizes from 1″ to 10″ With utilization of the Collar […]

Ambient Emergency Release Couplings

Ambient Emergency Release Couplings This range of KLAW ERCs is designed for ambient temperature media transfer. Instantaneous Closure Instant closure of the KLAW Flip-Flap Valves delivers the crucial advantage of minimal spillage when activated. Reduced stress on hoses or loading systems The release mechanism is designed to limit stress on hoses, loading arm systems, fixed […]

Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Control Unit Shown: KLAW HPU in ship-to-ship transfer environment. A completely independent hydraulic power unit for ERC activation, the HPU offers the operator a single point of control over the  emergency system. This means the ERC can be activated for other reasons or emergencies beyond stress on the hose line. There […]

Spring Retained ERC

Spring Retained Emergency Release Couplings The Spring Retained ERC has no sheering parts on activation. This means there is less need for spares. Sizes Spring Retained Emergency Release Coupling is available in sizes up to 4”.

Marine2 Breakaway Couplings

The shortest and lightest Marine Breakaway Coupling on the market Marine2 is 32% shorter and 25% lighter than alternatives ABS Type Approved This smaller Marine Breakaway Coupling reduces stress and fatigue on the hose when wrapped on the reel and that means lower operational costs. A shorter and lighter Marine Breakaway Coupling causes less disruption […]

Cryogenic Dry Disconnect Couplings

CryoDC – the cryogenic Dry Disconnect CouplingTypical applicationsSpecifications The industry standard for safe, reliable and fast cryogenic transfer connection. The CryoDC is simple to use, fast to connect and disconnect, reliable and much safer than traditional flange connections or CGA fittings. No need for special tools – just twist and connect. The CryoDC is ideal […]

TTMA Breakaway Couplings

TTMA Breakaway Couplings Protects Terminal Loading Arms from the risk of truck or railcar drive-off Truck and Trailers Manufacturers Association (TTMA) Breakaway Coupling for truck loading at terminals using bottom Loading Arms. This vital piece of equipment significantly reduces the consequences of a truck or railcar drive-off. Instantaneous closure of upstream and downstream flow reduces […]

Dry Disconnect Couplings

Dry Disconnect CouplingsDry Break benefits of the KLAW QSQS Dry Disconnect coupling safety locking pinTypical applicationsInterchangeabilitySpecificationsSelectivity optionsTechnical adviceDry Break Coupler QS application photos Dry Break Coupling and Tank Adaptor QS range quickly connect and disconnects transfer lines with no spillage. Conforms to STANAG 3756. ABS Type Approved Dry Disconnect Couplings are also referred to as Dry […]

Swivel Joint Quick Finder

Swivel Joint Finder Click the link in the Swivel Joint Type column for details Application Ball Race Connection Swivel Joint Type Additional Hydrocarbon transfer 1 Welded Type LW Hydrocarbon transfer 1 Welded Type LCF O-Ring Hydrocarbon transfer 2 Welded Type W Hydrocarbon transfer 1 Threaded Type LT Hydrocarbon transfer 2 Threaded Type V Hydrocarbon transfer […]

Swivel Joint Application Examples

Applications Hose reel swivel from KLAW. A key advantage of having Swivel Joints fitted to a hose assembly is the reduction in wear and fatigue. Twisting moments within connection procedures are mitigated by the Swivel Joint. This prolongs the life of the hose system and reduces the level of maintenance required for the system. Hose […]