Product Registration

KLAW Coupling Warranty Activation

To activate the KLAW Warranty, simply complete this section and click the Submit Warranty Application button.

A confirmation will then be sent to the email you enter in this application.

Your details

Product location

Enter the location address for where the product is to be used.
Please complete a new form and submission for each new address.

Product details

You can register as many KLAW couplings as you like in one submission.
Simply add the serial numbers in the box above.

You will find the serial number located on the coupling.

In this example the serial number is shown on a label as 6920-1-2
The KLAW serial number
in this example is shown as 6920-1-2

You do not need to register any other number.

Please confirm you have KLAW Installation and Maintenance Manuals (IOMs) for each of the couplings you have registered today.

To help ensure the safe use and performance of the registered products, submitted infomration will be stored for the expected lifecycle of the products registered and you may be contacted with information regarding warranty, service and maintenance.

For further information please contact the KLAW support team on: +44 1373 827 100