KLAW Easy Reset

KLAW Easy Reset is the quick and easy solution
to resetting KLAW Breakaway Coupling Flip-Flap Valves

  • No need for chocks.
  • No need to remove the coupling from the hose or pipe assembly.
  • Reduced maintenance time.
  • A simple procedure for any competent technician.
  • Safer.

Now provided as standard on KLAW Breakaway Couplings

The KLAW Easy Reset is designed to allow resetting of Flip-Flap Valves without the need for chocks or removal of the Breakaway Coupling from the line.

This feature is provided as standard on all new Marine Breakaway Couplings, Flowbreak Industrial Couplings, Cryobreak Breakaway Couplings for cryogenic media transfers and Emergency Release Couplings.

Click the video to see how fast and easy this KLAW facility is for coupling resetting.

In this example, the resetting took less than two minutes

Any competent technician can use the pre-fitted service plug to enable reset screws to be connected.

Each valve is then held in the open position while work is carried out.

This is valuable for small couplings where space is premium and also large units where the reset screws substantially reduce risk during maintenance.

Reset Screws allow the coupling to be serviced while remaining within the transfer line assembly.

This considerably reduces maintenance time in certain applications.

coupling-easy-reset klaw-coupling-easy-reset
flip-flap-easy-reset flip-flap-valve-easy-reset

KLAW recommends Breakaway Couplings are serviced as part of your annual maintenance program for other equipment in your loading bay and transfer system.

Full servicing and training programmes are also available

For further information on how the KLAW Reset Facility can save you time and money
contact the KLAW Technical Team
+44 1373 827 100