KLAW Collar Release Activation

KLAW Collar Release Activation

klaw collar release mechanism

The KLAW Collar Release Activation System offers distinct advantages over other options.

Resistance to vibration and pressure spikes

Because activation is controlled by the Collar Release Mechanism, this system delivers the benefit of tensile loads not being exerted upon the transfer system; including the coupling, hose assembly, flanges and loading arm.

Versatile Control Systems

The Collar Release system allows for different control system options.

The Emergency Release System (ERC) can be controlled by Cable, Manual Hydraulic Pump or Hydraulic Power Unit. Another option is the Dual Control System which uses both Cable and Hydraulic systems.

Flip-Flap Valve

Sequential closing of Flip-Flap Valves using the Collar Release Mechanism

klaw collar release 1 klaw collar release 2
klaw collar release 3 klaw collar release 4
  1. Flip-Flap Valve is in the open status.
  2. The Collar Release is activated (via Cable or Hydraulic Release).
  3. The Body Seal retains media until the valves close. Then the separation continues.
  4. The Collar Release is detached and the coupling is separated.