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KLAW is pleased to be working with the leading names in product transfer and has provided a wide and vast array of products and solutions to customers around the World.

We are always sincerely grateful to hear from customers regarding experiences they have had with KLAW products. Whether it is positive or negative, any feedback provides valuable insight regarding areas requiring further development and will assist us in continuing to deliver the very best transfer solution.

Extract from global Rig Operator

“We had an incident involving one of our supply boats who lost DP function and pulled away from the rig without disconnecting the hose. Your Breakaway Coupling worked very well and there was no loss of containment to the sea.

I am very impressed with your product. It is easy to use and saves a lot of problems. It prevents an environmental incident from occurring.”

Extract from North Sea Barge Engineer

“As a drilling rig in the North Sea, we installed 4” Marine Breakaway Couplings on all our fuel loading and hydrocarbon bulk hose assemblies as an environmental improvement. Due to the harsh weather conditions and the need to transfer liquids, it is inevitable that hoses will part due to the strain being put on them and in the past, fluid was lost to sea causing an environmental problem.

It is with great pleasure that I have to report that a 4 inch bulk oil hose parted at the Marine Breakaway Coupling in bad weather and there was zero discharge into the sea. On recovery of the hose both flip-flap valves were sealed tight and the product had operated 100% satisfactory. This product has saved us a lot of work replacing the hoses and, most of all, the environment was protected and time consuming paperwork was eliminated.

I was very impressed with the operation of the couplings and this has re-enforced the company corporate policy for all installations to be fitted with Breakaway Couplings.

Unfortunately we have no kits to re-connect but now I have the part number which I will forward to our buyer and hold spares on-board for the winter months. We can go forward now with confidence knowing the product works. Thanks.”

Extract from global operator in China

“xxxxx has 2 sets of LPG unloading arm. One size is 3″ and the other is 4″. Last week, one breakaway coupling from the 3″ unloading arm was broken when starting to unload LPG from the truck. But the breakaways coupling performance good, when broken, the two sides immediately plug, no LPG leaking out.”