Tank Storage protection

Tank Storage protection

Due to the volume of media stored within the location of any potential spill, the circumstances can be particularly hazardous in the event of road tanker drive-off or railcar shunt.

Tank Storage protection - storage tank with drive off spill
The unpredictable damage to transfer equipment means the spill might become uncontrollable.

storage tank with klaw erc activations

KLAW offers two options in protecting Tank Storage transfer operations from spill.

Emergency Release Couplings
Breakaway Couplings

Both are suitable for top and bottom loading.

Safety and operational efficiency during vessel, rail car or truck connection can be further enhanced with the KLAW range of Dry Disconnect Couplings and Cryogenic Dry Disconnect Couplings.

QS Dry Disconnect Couplings
CryoDC Couplings

Contact the KLAW team to discuss the most suitable specification for your operations.