Loading Arm protection

Loading Arm protection

loading arm protection with klaw erc

Real and identified risk to Loading Arm operations

Transferring media to or from a road tanker or railcar exposes the Loading Arm operation to the risk of the vehicle moving away and beyond the media transfer loading arm safety envelop.

When an incident occurs during loading or off-loading, either due to accidental truck drive-off or railcar shunt then there is a high risk of transfer equipment rupture.

Damage to equipment will then cause spill of the transfer medium which increases the risk of injury, extended downtime and clean-up costs. The reputation of the operation is also compromised.

loading arm with drive off spills

Minimising risk with KLAW Emergency Release Couplings

KLAW Breakaway and Emergency Release Couplings are designed to minimise the risk of damage to the Loading Arm System and other assets. This system also minimises risk of injury to personnel and the consequences of spill in the event of accidental drive-away.

The lack of a KLAW Breakaway System in the event of a drive-off can be catastrophic.

KLAW Breakaway and Emergency Release Couplings are designed into the system to help protect against incidents and demonstrate the operation is designed with health and safety as a priority. The system also helps to ensure limited interruption to operations when an event occurs.

loading arm with klaw erc

A KLAW Breakaway Coupling or Cable Release Emergency Breakaway Coupling will activate when a drive-off occurs.

loading arm with klaw erc activationsThe Valves will close both upstream and downstream flow and the coupling will separate, allowing the vehicle to continue without damaging or wrenching the Loading Arm and transfer system.

Cable Release ERCs for Loading Arms

loading arm steel api with klaw cable erc

The ERC protects the Loading Arm from over-extension by activating via a cable release mechanism in the event of accidental vehicle drive-away.

Shown below is a conceptual illustration of the KLAW Cable ERC protecting the Loading Arm from over-extension.

loading arm with klaw cable erc

KLAW Breakaway Coupling option for Loading Arm applications

Shown below is a Loading Arm with a KLAW Spring Retained ERC. In the event of drive-off, the coupling is activated. This minimises spill and deduces risk of injury to personnel and damage to assets. Clean up costs and downtime is also minimised.

klaw erc spring retained on loading arm

Contact the KLAW team to discuss the most suitable specification for your operations.